Establishment of community libraries

Libraries are portals to all of the world’s knowledge. The school library is a learning workroom where users interact directly with resources and develop research skills for lifelong learning. School libraries encourage active and participatory lifelong learning. The library environment facilitates teamwork and cooperation, its role in voluntary reading and personal development through literature is well-known. Our establishment of libraries aim is to give every student a chance to access reading materials.


Mentorship Program

Mentoring is a powerful way of supporting a young person by teaching skills, listening to their perspectives and fostering in them a sense of belonging. Our mentorship program aim is to one, expose students to role models so as to learn through the success of mentors, two, enhance students’ educational, social and personal growth through formation of reading clubs and three, support the beneficiaries to excel personal growth, career development and even life values.


Scholarship Program

AMG Foundation administers a variety of scholarships to help students pursue their educational goals. Every student is different, and so is every dream. They all deserve an opportunity. It is our number one priority to ensure those students who are motivated and able to go to school. Our scholarship donors are corporations, associations, organizations, foundations and individuals who want to create a brighter future by encouraging education.