How libraries can help build communities

At AMG we believe the placement of a resource library in communities especially poverty affected and underdeveloped areas can help to improve the area.Libraries are a great way to bring many people together and they also create togetherness, uplift learning programs and create opportunities for people to have the mindset of reading. Libraries aren’t just about books and information; they can also provide special collections which have developed from specific community needs. Libraries, can even provide communities with tools resources and tools after an emergency and people can get knowledge on how they can deal with the problem easily which validates the need for a library and how locally responsive a community-centered library can be.

Librarians are often the first to recognize local needs because they interact on a daily basis with members of society and understand their communities firsthand. Therefore it is often libraries that bring social needs to the attention of the community and partner with local governments and social agencies to help address these needs. As well as learning the essential skills and knowledge required, aspiring future librarians will also learn how to champion the cultural lives of communities and society. Libraries also offer a whole host of programs from free tutoring, help with homework and reading programs for young children and teenagers to help them with their academic performance and aid parents who cannot afford private tutoring.

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