Who we are

AMG Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization whose core objective is to increase access to educational resources for the communities in Kenya through establishment of community resource centres, mentorship and sponsorship programs. AMG was founded in April 2009 and officially registered as a Non-Governmental Organization on the 3rd of June 2011. AMG Foundation is based in Kenya and it is working towards transforming education and improving lives. It is affiliated to AMG Realtors Ltd which is committed to serving the community as part of their core business model through its long-standing Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. AMG has worked in Muranga County where it has established a community library that is well equipped with reading materials. Our Key goal is to improve the quality of education of the pupils and students in Kenya.


Our Objectives

  • To promote, establish, equip, manage and maintain a functional network of public and private library services in Kenya.
  • To promote increased access to educational materials and information facilities across the country in line with Kenya Government Vision 2030 objectives and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) No.4 – Quality Education.
  • To provide opportunities for communities to enhance their reading and information seeking habits, and therefore sustain literacy.
  • To promote information literacy and reading culture amongst Kenyans.
  • To create employment through professional engagement of the schools and communities in the management and maintenance of the libraries.
  • To create community awareness over new and arising topical issues affecting education and information technology sectors and related trends across the globe.

Our Core Values

Our core values can be summed up in one word:   IDEA

Integrity – We maintain the highest level of organizational integrity in our relationships with educators, students, parents, donors, volunteers and other members of the community.
Diversity – We have no concern for race, religion and gender.
Education – We help students access quality education.
Accomplishment –We recognize and reward meaningful contributions and outstanding performance.